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William and Mary Eagle, the family have lived in Scarning for almost 200 years

Robert Eagle was the Farm Steward to Frederick Wilson at Dale Farm

   Fred Milk's grandfather, David and grandmother, Katy with David, George and Lily


Scarning school letters about turbines 2002

Scarning school newspaper 2006



Retirement of school dinner lady may 1978

Paul Chapman and Steven Futter on the greasy pole

Cricket team

Robert Eagle with hens in basket


Mary Eagle

Scarning school play 1996


Walter Steward - Scarning Flower Festival 1993

Sunday school outing 1900

L to R Ted Rose, George Milk,Stanley Woods and Jack Eagle

Walter Wilson


Scarning schoolchildren autumn 1977 retirement

of Mrs Aitchison


Mary Ann Margaret Jessop 1902


Caroline Evans was the benefactor of the Village Hall 1902



Scarning school anniversary - 2004

Augustus Jessop 1902


Social event

Mothers Umion

Schoolchildren 1982

Annual Fete 1952L to R Robert Colby, Frederick Milk,

Colin Baldwin and Steven Gilliam

Katy Milk 1935. The Milk family lived at Park Farm


Scarning School Play Christmas 1996

School Cricket team 1922

Warner Family wedding 1924

 AF Wright gave playing field to the Village

Scarning WI pageant at Norfolk Show 1978





Jack Eagle?

Sheila Crane Daisy Bulwer

Group outside long demolished houses in Shipdham lane



Elizabeth Eagle wife of Robert Eagle

Robert William Warner Daffy Green Farm 

Scarning WI win Dereham quiz - 2000

Cricket 1950

Tennis club

Sid Burton carrying the bucket was married to Marjorie Burton who cooked for the Clarkes at Scarning Dale. He worked at the Poultry Farm for many years retired to Fakenham.

Church from north

Scarning Dale (Dale Farm)

Mrs Allwood, WI founder in 1998 at the 45th anniversary of its founding

Home Guard Major Edgar Dodds Lt ?(butcher from Shipdham)

Father Christmas at Scarning School in 1980

Herbert Buckingham and others 1989

Who are these twins ?

Do you know these two?

The 3 Coy. 1st Battalion Norfolk Home Guard was based in Village Hall Scarning.      27 January 1944

Aerial view of "The Dale" (Scarning Dale), the home of Major H. Piers Clarke and Mrs Clarke and their 4 children

John Dodds provided the following information about this photo.

The gardeners house to the left of The Dale and beyond the Stables was occupied by Mr and Mrs Wood and their two children. The kitchen garden can be seen to the left of the stables and the square building known as 'the hut' used as a playroom by the Clarkes children. During the war the Home Guard did sleeping duty there (one officer and one other rank) guarding something but he never knew what!

The butcher from Shipdham was the second in command  and one night John was on guard and shared the hut with him for which he thought he was paid 1s 9d. He said that he was in fits and hardly slept at all as the butcher had the loudest intrusive snore!

Mid Norfolk Cricket Shield winners August 1950

Left to Right and back to front:
R. Bo?? A.Leadham G.Dines F.Faux A.Cross M. Welham ?Barnes R.Fox S.Woods (Capt) G.Holiday R Berwick D. Dack E. Holiday