Scarning Photos 2


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old railway gatehouse next to yew tree house, 1975 

old railway gatehouse 1975

Railway Cottage

Building the By pass 1977

grass track of railway line 1975

     Last vehicle through the railway arch before demolition

Podmore Bridge March 1978

WW2 dig  for victory poster

The Wright Family lived in Church Farm (now Oak Manor Care Home) in the centre of the village. These adverts date from 1949

Women worked on the land during WW2

Scarning United Charities still exists

George Miller was the Master at the School and the Parish Clerk

October 1993

map17.jpgEarly 1840's map showing proposed route of the railway across Podmore Farm

The building in Chapel Lane is now a private residence

map%20clark%20hall.jpgThis is a section of the village tithe map from about 1840 showing what was later Church Farm and now Oak Manor

Congregational Chapel winter 1981old%20chapel.jpg

The old Congregational Chapel buildings

The original chapel was in what used to be called Podmore lane (now Chapel Lane) north of the Railway line (Now the A47 trunk road) There was also a Methodist Chapel a short distance further south.

Pony and cart outside Chapel 1982

Congregational Chapel 1984

Chapel interior

Centre of the village in about 1910

Postcard of Scarning Church

Scarning Church choir

Scarning Church after the road widening and prior to the milestone being moved a few metres nearer to Dereham

Road widening outside the Church

Postcard of Village Hall early 1900's

Road works 1950's

Village Hall 1905

At the crossroads 1920

Scarning Church

Norman Eagle Harvesting in 1977


Norman Eagle Harvesting in 1977

Harvesting at Brookside Farm 1954

Threshing at Podmore


Black Horse Public House 1970's?

Black Horse Public House 1983 now a private residence

Boddies House was between the Black Horse and Chapel Lane

Chris Farnham's farm

Corner House, formerly New Inn

Cottage at Scarning Dale

Cottages next to Black Horse

Junction of shipdham road mid 1950's

Manor Farm

Osier cottage Chapel Lane

Osier cottage Chapel Lane ex Sunnydale ex Allison's Farm

Park Farm September 1971

Podmore farm cottage Chapel lane

Podmore Farmhouse

Poplar Farmhouse


Cattle Arch bridge

It is situated just off the A47 to the east of Drayton Hall lane. Before the demise of the railway and the construction of the re-routed A47 this track would have been accessed from Fen Road.


Black Horse This postcard published by Geo Coleby of Dereham was submitted by Dave Pilbrow

New watermain snaking across Scarning 2008


Last train before demolition of rail bridge

Here are some pictures of Chestnut Farm dating from 1962


The petrol station  was opposite the farm