The August edition of your free community newsletter is now available to download!

2022 continues to be a memorable year and in the past few days the extreme heat has been added to the list. One benefit of the weather is that it has allowed arable farmers to have a very early harvest, but one downside of the high temperatures are “fragrant foot garments” – see Page 3 for an explanation!

Fortunately, Scarning has escaped the traumatic field fires experienced elsewhere in the county and our hearts go out to the residents of those villages who have suffered. It shows great community spirit that many Scarning residents helped support those in Ashill in particular. Thank you.

August is also the holiday season and hopefully a few of you are able to enjoy a few days abroad, rather than just the dubious delights of the approach roads to Dover or Heathrow! If you are unable to enjoy a holiday yourself this year, you can read Janet Bridgham’s experiences of travelling around Scotland in “Lily Laika” on Page 10. You could also  imagine a trip to Australia by reading Emma Carter’s article on Blue-Tongued Skinks on Page 11. The Puzzler on Page 17 also has a travel theme, following a trip to Switzerland by the mythical Scarning Horology Society.

Nearer to home, you can read about Scarning Art Club’s activities on Page 2, particularly their commission to create art work showcasing Swanton Morley. We should convince them to do the same for Scarning.

Dereham Walkers are Welcome are also going from strength to strength – see Page 5 to learn more about their excellent guided walks in our area.

From September’s edition, the Scarning Beacon will be switching from a monthly newsletter to a quarterly one. The companion website – www.Scarning.Info – will contain many of the regular monthly articles, plus has space for far more detailed information, and also the obvious advantage of always being up-to-date.

The quarterly newsletters will tie in with the four seasons of the year and will still be distributed widely via social media, and emailed directly to our subscriber list. But for current news and monthly information, the village website is the place to visit!