Schemes operated or funded by Norfolk County Council have received over £50m since 2021, providing community support including the provisioning of community food hubs, distributing grab-and-go bags at our libraries, and investing in community warm banks this winter.

This funding has enabled Norfolk County Council to achieve a wide range of community support, including:

• 130,000 households supported via the Household Support Fund
• 12,000 people supported in accessing community food hubs
• Over 6,000 people supported by the Norfolk Assistance Scheme
• 4,500 grab and go bags handed out across all 47 of our libraries
• More than 1,200 Ukrainian guests helped to settle in Norfolk, including over 400 children

The amount of information on available support is sometimes overwhelming and to make life easier for residents and to help accessing trusted and safe information, the county council has collated key information and guidance on their Help with living costs webpages.

For anyone who can’t get online, there is a new 8-page ‘Help with Living Costs’ booklet packed with information on where people can get help and support during times of need. This week 25,000 copies are being distributed to organisations and venues across the county including libraries, community supermarkets, community hot spots, the voluntary sector, and faith groups. It will also be made available in multiple languages and accessible formats as well as distributed electronically to schools, parish and district councils and other partner organisations.

(Source: NCC)