James & Sarah Sherman

To anyone who can provide some helpful information. I am researching for an old friend and have found a James Sherman & Sarah Sherman, who I believe to have been my friend’s Great, Great Grandparents, living with their son and daughter at Battersea, London, in 1871.

The Census return has James Sherman born 1815 at Scarning and Sarah Sherman born 1831? at Raynham. The chances of James & Sarah both coming from Norfolk, meeting and marrying in London are not good. I therefore presume they would have married in Norfolk before moving to London.

Their son, also James Sherman, is given as being born 1858 at Pimlico, London, meaning they would have married and moved before or up to 1858. James Sherman born in 1815 is given on the 1871 Census as a “Farrier”.

I have not been able to find a marriage record for a James Sherman and a  Sarah in Norfolk or London at anything like the right time. The only other conclusion is that James & Sarah never married.

This is a real long shot, but hopefully, someone out there will have some helpful information.

Regards.  Brian Ekins – brian.ekins@kingstonian.com