Have you ever lain awake at night wondering what Scarning would look like as an Underground-style map?
Have you been wondering what to buy Great Aunt Mildred for Christmas?

Worry no more – we have the answer to both dilemmas! How about a mounted A4 map? Or perhaps a mounted A3 map? (The actual maps don’t have “Watermark” written on them by the way!)

Both mounts are standard sizes so will fit normal picture frames from somewhere like The Range. So, depending on how much you like Great Aunt Mildred, you could also buy her a suitable frame, or if she only buys you a measly pair of socks you could let her choose her own on Boxing Day.

The A4 mounted map is just £10 and the A3 is just £15, with 100% of all proceeds being donated to Scarning Church.

The maps were very popular at the recent Craft Fair and there aren’t many left I’m afraid, so it’s first come, first served.

Chris@FarnhamFarms.Co.UK or 07836 675858