Scarning Bellringers


The Scarning  bells might well have been cast in the churchyard.  Five were made by Charles Newman, a Norwich based founder, who inscribed his name on each of the bell  he made.  The last of the bells, labelled the Jesus Bell, was cast in 1931 by Gillette and Johnston of Croydon.  The firm’s claim to fame was that it built the world’s largest 72 bell carillon for millionaire, John D Rockefeller.  In the late seventeenth-early eighteenth century, when five of Scarning’s six bells were installed, there were clubs of ringers around the country, who raised the intricacies and technicalities of church peal-ringing to a fine art. Bell ringing was a popular pastime and one with its own advantages.  When a new bell was installed in the church, it was often placed upside down and filled with strong liquor for the ringers to drink their fill.

Church bells were not only rung to call the faithful to prayer, or to celebrate a wedding, traditions which still continue, but to dissipate thunder storms and drive away epidemics, as it was believed the vibrations purified the air.  When next you hear the peal of Scarning’s bells, it is worth remembering that those same bells have been rung for more than three hundred years.

February 2015 saw the Scarning ringers complete their fourth year of ringing regularly at St Peter & St Paul, Scarning.  Service ringing continues to be the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday each month, together with special Services, such as Weddings, Funerals, Flower Festival, Remembrance Sunday, Carol Service and Christingle .

In 2012 Frank Foreman, Tricia Foreman, John Harlow, Trish Harlow, Tim Farnham and Paul Edwards entered The Western Branch NDA Striking Competition and attained “first” place in the inaugural Newcomers Competition. 

There is now a band of eight who ring regularly in the Tower, all of whom live within the Scarning  Parish.

Wednesday Practice nights (7.00 -8.30 pm) continue to be well attended and are always very productive and enjoyable.  Members from other towers often join the Band and all visitors can be sure of a warm welcome.

Would you like to ring those bells?

Anyone who would like to get involved and learn to ring the Scarning bells should, please, telephone Tricia Foreman, Tower Secretary, on 01362 687082

Tricia Foreman

Scarning Bellringers now have their own website which has all the up to date information about the group and their activities. Click on the image below: