Maps & aerial view


Scarning Parish is bounded on the north by the stream which runs alongside Rushmeadow Road. You can view the parish boundaries and see an aerial view by clicking

This picture of the centre of Scarning was taken in April 1989 and little has changed in the centre of the village since.Open in  a new window for a larger viewmap3b.jpg

Here is a reproduction of the Tithe map of Scarning which would have been prepared in the 1830's. Tithes were paid to the church to support the rector of the parish and were originally paid in kind. Following the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 rent which varied according to the price of corn was payable. Surveys were made and the value of each field was assesed. Maps were prepared and each field was given a reference number.

Note that the route of the forthcoming railway (1845-7) is denoted by 'Lynn and Dereham railway as set out by flags'tithe map

The map can be viewed at a larger scale and in more details by clicking on the following links:
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Each division on the scale represents 5 chains (110 yards) which is approximately 100 metres.