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Pictures of places in Scarning and its people past and present.

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post office scarning
This was the post office which stood on the corner of Chapel Lane opposite the Church. It stood in what was the yard of the "Black Horse" Public House" taken in the late 1930's. It shows Mrs W Barnet's mother (Post Mistress) and little sister.

Shipdam Road

This is a picture taken in about 1920 of the cottages which stood just along Shipdam Road, towards Mayfair. Mrs Hunt had the village shop (3rd from left)

Scarning Arch

As the Last vehicles dash beneath, workmen prepare to knock down the cast-iron Railway bridge over the A47 at Scarning. A ROUND-THE-CLOCK bashing operation on Scarning Arch railway bridge began at about ten o'clock last night under fioodlights. The demolition of the bridge, which has not carried - rail traffic since the closure of the Dereham-to Lynn line, has been made urgent by the damage to the ironwork caused by a lorry. The A47 has been closed at this point until 6.30 a.m. on Tuesday so that the work can be carried out. The flow of traffic under the bridge slowly dried up as the diversions were brought into force at 6.30 last night. Two cranes, each carrying a 30-cwt. weight for bashing, were moved into position on the embankment at eĀ·ither side of the bridge and this involved getting one across the structure. Railway sleepers were used as a base for the tracks of the crane that crossed. Next, sleepers were spread over the road under the bridge and for about 12 feet either side to protect the road surface from the falling debris. Erected in 1847, the bridge is of cast iron and was made at the Phoenix Foundry, Derby. It is something of a rarity, but there is another almost 1dcntical just outside Derby, British. Rail are doing the demolition with their own staff and they do not propose to take down the massive brickwork abutments on which the ironwork rests at this time. This is a disappointment to the people in the Podmore area of Scarning who thought that the obstruction that this brickwork makes to their view as they enter the A47 was to disappear.


Don't miss this piece of history:-

Video of demolition of scarning arch A unique piece of footage that the grandson of Ruby and Eric Wright who lived in Coach Lane thought that it would be nice to share. This is his granddad's cine footage. click on the green links here:
part one part two

Scarning Arch

The modern replacement

Scarning Grange on Dereham Road, this listed building is a private residence.
It is thought that when the school was being rebuilt in 1850 that the boys were taught here.

This building between Scarning Grange and the School shown on the right is now a private residence, but until 1980 was The School Farm. It was here that Rev.St.John Priest who was the master at the school from 1789 lived and farmed until he died in 1818.

deer in field

Deer on the  field behind Scarning School, early morning winter 2008.

Ford in Podmore Lane, Scarning

The ford at the bottom of Podmore Lane.

Podmore lane Scarning

Looking east from further up Podmore lane, Scarning Grange is visible at the centre of this picture.

Water Main in Scarning

In 2006/7 a new 300 mm diameter water main was laid between Dereham and Bradenham. It snaked across fields and was pushed under roads right across Scarning. This photo taken in March 2007 shows the pipe prior to being hauled into position and dropped into the trench.


A shared cycle and pedestrian path has been created outside Scarning School. The route extends from the School gates 750 metres towards Dereham and links up with the existing cyclewayon the north side of Dereham Road.

There used to be a Public house at the extreme west end of the village called Spring Cottage [it has been rebuilt and is now a private residence]

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Scarning Beacon

The village beacon on the layby near Scarning Grange. Scarning church

A view from the church yard looking south, the red roofed building is the Chapel on Chapel Lane, to the left of this is the bridge over the A47.

Scarning Sunday school

Sunday  School Outing  about 1900

Scarning School

Staff and children at Scarning School in about 1910 (why have they got spades?)

Scarning School

Another picture of the School, this one  was taken in 1918. The tree at the rear appears to have been felled and the ivy on the front grown considerably in the intervening years.

Scarning Church and hall

A view of the Church and Village Hall as they were in 1920. The building on the extreme right is the corner of the 'Black Horse'. The white building at the end of Chapel Lane since demolished, housed the Post Office.

New Inn Scarning

The  'The New Inn"  at the corner of New Inn Lane and Dereham  Road in about 1920, it ceased to be a Public House in 1934. The premises were then converted into the "Corner House Cafe" to serve motorists on what was then the main road to Norwich and Yarmouth. This is now a private residence, see below. Perhaps some of the people in this picture are part of the Taylor family. Henry Herbert 49 was the publican in 1911, Minnie Matilda 44, his wife had 14 children 9 of whom survived and six were at home at the time of the 1911Census:- Charles Robert 22, Joseph Ernest 18, Ellie May 16, Herbert John 15,Edith Maud 14, Kindred Rose 12. New Inn Scarning

Click HERE to see an aerial view taken some years ago before the building was extended.

This is a view looking  westwards towards the Village Hall in about 1920.

Scarning village hall 1905

This is a view view of the Village Hall looking in the opposite direction. The houses now long gone stood where the garage is today.

Don't miss this piece of history.

Video of demolition of Scarning arch A unique piece of footage that the grandson of Ruby and Eric Wright who lived in Coach Lane thought that it would be nice to share. This is his granddad's cine footage. part one part two

There are lots more pictures here and here