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Scarning Pre School opened in 1997 and is managed by a voluntary management committee. It operates from a mobile premises located in the grounds of Scarning Primary School in Dereham Road. A maximum of 16 children may attend the pre-school at any one time. The group opens each weekday from 09:00 to 11:30 and 12:45 to 15:15, during school term times. The children have access to their own fully enclosed outside play area.

Scarning Pre school

The Preschool is a Registered Charity (No.1033635) and its aims & objectives are:

To contact Scarning Pre-School, please call 01362 699360. The school has a website:

For many children, starting Pre-School is their first step towards independence and we know that it can be daunting, we will work together with you and your child to make starting Pre-School a happy experience. We encourage you and your child to make some brief visits to the group before you start attending and this will make the place and people feel familiar. You can stay with your child in the group until he or she is ready to be left alone. All children are different and might take anything from a few minutes to a few weeks or even months. It is a good idea in any case to stay for the first session. It gives you an idea of what goes on and enables you to talk about it afterwards with your child. We encourage you to make your child feel special and excited about having his or her name tag to find in the morning and hang up his or her coat and to chat about all the possible playing with toys, arts and crafts he or she can do at pre school, as well as all the friends they will make.

When you judge that your child is ready to be left, say goodbye. Do not be tempted to creep away while the child is occupied. This might seem easier at the time, but it can cause the child to feel let down and mistrustful. It is easier for a child to accept a parents/carers departure If there is a clear explanation of what is going to happen. ‚€œI‚€™m going to go to the shops and I‚€™ll be back after singing time‚€� can help the child envisage where you will be and understand the timescale involved.

For parents/carers who find parting hard, it might help to have a brief separation first even just to post a letter. Separation time can be extended gradually. During this period it is particularly important to be punctual. If a parent/carer is not there at the time he/she promised, the child‚€™s newly built confidence can be upset.

Children develop very quickly at this age, and a child who seems unable to manage alone for even a second can have a very different attitude in a week or two. Just be calm and practical about it, reassuring the child that he or she will be able to manage soon, and help him or her to make friends and get used to the activities.

New Pre School Building

 In 2016 the Pre School finally reached its target of £286,000 which it needed to build a replacement building for the old mobile that was literally starting to fall to pieces. Smiths of Honingham were the builders we had chosen and work started on clearing the site during the February half term holiday. Apart from a slight hold up when the gas pipe wasn't where it was supposed to be, the footings were dug and the concrete poured in. Next, the walls started to be built and we were all so excited as the building started to take shape. We were very lucky - the weather was good and apart from two very windy days, there were no holdups at all. The new building is purpose built and has two classrooms, one for two year oldsandoneforthreetofouryearolds. Biofolddoors enable the two rooms to become one large space if required. It also has a staffroom, office, disabled toilet/ wet room, kitchen, laundry facilities and customised toilets and changing areas. There is a large outdoor space with a mud kitchen, sand pit, climbing equipment etc and a grant has just been received for some of the grassed area to be covered with Astro turf.

The Pre-School can now offer an extra 37 more places and is also starting an after school provision for primary aged children and children who attend the Pre School. This is in addition to the very successful breakfast club it already runs which again caters for primary aged children and Scarning Pre ‚€“ School children. The next development will be running a holiday club during the school holidays; this is to be trialled early next year.

If anyone is interested in a place at the Pre School, there are still places left although these are limited.

To register an interest in the holiday club or to add a child to the Pre School waiting list for next year please phone Manager on 01362 699360.