The village’s allotments are on Dereham Road, midway between the church and the Beacon lay-by. They are run by the Scarning United Charities and cost from £10 per annum and currently there are a few plots available.

For more information, please contact Tim Abel – 01362 851116 – 07990 557445 – TimAbel.PMN@Gmail.Com


Susan Cranmer writes –

In a field between the church end and the school end of Scarning lie the Scarning Allotments.  The current allotment holders range in age and experience; the experienced growers are generous with their advice to those of us who need a bit of guidance and there is a good feeling of community.  It helps to know you are not alone when a particular crop doesn’t do well in a particular year for no discernible reason!

The A47 is far enough away that it is just a hum in the background so that there is plenty of birdsong audible.  The robins and wrens come really close when you are working quietly on your own whilst the blackbirds, magpies, pheasant, etc. can be heard and seen in the hedgerows.  If everything goes really quiet, look out for a bird of prey circling overhead!  There are mammals around too but they are rarely seen.

The hedgerow contains (amongst other things) both oak and ash trees so one can check the weather forecast for the year as the buds break:

Oak before ash
And we’re in for a splash
Ash before oak
And we’re in for a soak!

The site is easily accessible from the road and has plenty of parking space.  There is a standpipe for water midway along the plots, though it may only be used to fill watering cans, etc., not with hosepipes.”

If you are interested in leasing a plot, contact Tim Abel for further information – 01362 851116 – 07990 557445 – TimAbel.PMN@Gmail.Com

The allotments in the snow
Getting ready for the spring!