“Old Scarning”

To Be Updated

If you live in this area of Scarning, would you like to write a few words?

Nomenclature – (noun)
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What should we call this area of Scarning?

“Scarning”? – Daffy Green is 2 miles from the church, yet it’s still in Scarning.
“Central Scarning”? – It’s fairly central geographically, but it’s certainly not the centre of population.
“Old Scarning”? – Some people say the area around New Inn Lane is older than the area around the church and certainly had more houses at one time.
“West Scarning”? – Mmm, a possibility…

I need to call this area something on this website, so until someone says otherwise, I’ll refer to Old Scarning. I’d be delighted to hear your views though – any preferences or other suggestions?

The parish church of St Peter and St Paul has occupied its prominent position in the village of Scarning since the 12th century. Dr Augustus Jessopp, who was Rector of Scarning from 1879 to 1911, recorded that the village then comprised a few significant properties and about fifty hovels.
Scarning Hall, immediately to the west of the churchyard, was the former rectory. A new house was built but was never used as a rectory because of the reorganisation of the parishes. Both houses are now privately owned.
The oldest part of the church is the base of the tower and this dates from the 12th century. In the south wall, there are fragments of masonry which are probably earlier.