Thousands more trees and hedges to be planted in Norfolk this winter.

As the nation celebrates National Tree Week (26 November – 4 December 2022) which marks the start of the tree planting season, Norfolk County Council is preparing to plant more than 75,000 young trees and hedges across the county in the months ahead as part of the 1 Million Trees for Norfolk project.

Following the pandemic the project is picking up pace rapidly, and early in 2023 the Council’s Hedge Restoration Fund will be planting 55,000 hedge and tree plants on six County Farms owned by Norfolk County Council. The project is funded by a grant from The Tree Council.

The Council has also recently been awarded £148,225 as part of the Woodland Creation Accelerator Fund. This will be spent on investing in new staff to accelerate the progress of the 1 Million Trees project.

Norfolk residents can now be part of the 1 Million Trees for Norfolk journey with a new planting progress map which plots all trees and hedges planted by parish as part of the scheme since November 2019.

Anyone in Norfolk can add their planting to this map by filling in the ‘Tell us where you’ve planted’ survey form. This will help the Council monitor where there are the highest opportunities for planting in the future, as well as giving communities and parishes the opportunity to celebrate their collective efforts. The data will be updated monthly.

Find out more about the 1 million trees for Norfolk project here.

(Source: NCC)