As proof that what goes around comes around, here is a story from sixty years ago which could easily be in today’s EDP. It is a long saga which involves a controversial proposal to build a housing estate within Scarning. It involved railway connections (North Elmham?), a retirement village (Etling Green?), and building on land prone to flooding (just about anywhere!). It was so controversial that it required appeals, public enquiries, EDP editorials and even questions in Parliament.

The land was on Podmore Lane in Scarning, but I’m not certain exactly where, so it would be wonderful if could tell more about the proposal.  Does anyone one remember the story, or perhaps your parents do? I’d love to hear more – Chris Farnham 07836 675858 Chris@FarnhamFarms.Co.UK

I’ve found ten EDP articles about “Scarning Haven” and  this is the final post. So look back at earlier posts for the rest of the story.

Part Ten of Ten EDP articles about the housing plan.

Potter Bros had evidentially given up trying to get planning permission for the “Scarning Haven” housing estate and the land was being used for agriculture. A large photo accompanied the article on the EDP front page.


BECAUSE a field was so wet and rough it could not be combined, this 74-year-old steam traction engine was put in use to drive a threshing drum at Podmore, Scarning, on Saturday.

“She’s near on 80 years of age and she’ll wear out 50 of your modern tractors,” Mr. Walter Barrett said of the museum piece Burrell engine. He and his brother-in-law, Mr. Walter Desborough, who have worked together for many years, were in charge of it.
The Burrell is part of the collection of traction engines which Mr. David Potter, the Dereham builder, keeps in a yard at his premises. Eighteen months ago the engine, which stood for 20 years in a field at Coltishall, was renovated and it is now in perfect working order.
Both Mr. Barrett and Mr. Des borough have absolute faith in the engine. “She is stronger than any tractor and much more reliable,” said Mr. Desborough.

The field at Podmore is where Mr. Potter has tried unsuccessfully to gain planning permission to build a housing estate.

When it was decided to use the Burrell Mr. Potter arranged to have the event recorded on film and tape.”

Published on Monday 11 Oct 1965 by the Eastern Daily Press.

Download a full scale PDF version of the EDP page  – 11th October 1965  This is highly recommended as it allows you to read all the other fascinating stories, particularly stories about the ongoing Rhodesian crisis, a woman being charged with being drunk and disorderly after climbing Nelson’s Column, a new bank (William Deacon’s) opening in an old inn at 20, Westlegate, Norwich, and an advert offering to sell you a brand new de-luxe Hillman Imp car for £533!