Able Community Care is a Norfolk, family owned, Home Care provider which was established in 1980. We are often asked by our clients, carers and members of the public, questions across a wide range of care issues.  Care information is often time consuming and difficult to access, so we are happy to share some of our questions and answers with you.

  • Question – Are next of kin responsible for care home fees after a family member dies?
  • Answer – When a resident dies in a care home, next of kin will not have to pay any outstanding care home fees, this will be taken from the deceased person’s estate unless a specific contract has been signed with the care home, saying you will pay instead.
  • Question – I have a diabetic friend and I would like to make her an iced cake, is there a sugar free substitute for ordinary icing sugar?
  • Answer – Canderel Bake is an icing sugar alternative and is available in most supermarkets.

Angela Gifford (Managing Director – Abel Community Carer)