• 12/08 Fakenham Town (Home) – Our final and fifth match against Fakenham this season and again we shared the points on offer, with 6 points going to Fakenham and four to Scarning.  Although it was a drawn match 41 shots each, our friends from Fakenham scored the extra two points by virtue of the fact they won on two of the three rinks played.  The rain attempted to dampen our spirits at the start but we didn’t succumb and an enjoyable evening was had by all.
  • 19/8 Dereham St Nicks (Home) A pleasing and much needed win taking 7 of the 8 points on offer over our close rivals at the foot of the table.  Whether it will be enough to stave of our relegation prospects, time will tell
  • 23/8 Bradenham (Away) Another away game and our confidence was riding high.  One or two key players were missing and we felt their absence.  What do they say, Pride comes before a fall, and we only manages to pick up two points in a well contested match
  • 31/8 Bintree (Home) Our last league game of the season, postponed from a couple of weeks ago, and a must win game for both sides.  For Scarning, an opportunity to remain in the first division, for Bintree, the opportunity to share top spot in the league.  No quarter was offered, and non given.  All three rinks put up a magnificent display of lawn green bowls and as a supporter from Bintree remarked “it could have gone either way”. After 48 ends there was just 8 shots in it.  Unfortunately for Scarning, those 8 shots were in favour of Bintree.  Congratulations to Bintree on sharing the top shot and I’ll leave it to others to work out who decides who wins the league. (p.s. Bintree won it on shots for and away)
  • 2/9 Swanton Angel (Home) This is a friendly match we play each year at the end of the season.  Our turn to be hosts and the game was played in good spirits and the opportunity to reflect on our differing seasons.  Its a shame it wasn’t a league match as this was one of the few times we beat Swanton Angel.

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