You can now share your views on Breckland’s Local Plan. Breckland District Council is preparing a new Local Plan, which will help shape the district to 2046. The Local Plan explores a shared vision for the future of Breckland and will help ensure that planning decisions are made in the best interests of Breckland’s communities.

Building on what we heard from local people, we’re holding a further phase of community consultation, to help inform the Preferred Options and give the opportunity for people to expand on previous responses and also for those who missed out on giving their say.

Everyone who lives, works or visits Breckland is invited to join the consultation and we want to spread the message as widely as possible.

Have your say here.

This further stage will also include going out to directly speak with people and reach everyone. Starting in late September, local people are invited to join one of our consultation events taking place across the district, full details here.

(Source: Breckland Council)