We all lose track of bin days over the Christmas break. Is it the black bin or the green bin this week? Is it one day later than normal, or two, or possibly three? Actually, which day is it today – Thursday? or was that yesterday? It all becomes a blurry haze!

So to make everyone’s life a little easier – just check the Home page or the Events section of this website.

Just to make life even more difficult, Scarning has two bin days each week, depending on where you live in the village.  But, if your normal bin day is a Tuesday, the revised day will be the first of the week, and if your normal day is Wednesday, your revised day will be the second entry. Simples. You can even see what the weather forecast is, so that you know whether you need to put a coat on to put the bin out.

Alternatively, you can visit Breckland Council’s  website – https://www.breckland.gov.uk/rubbish/christmas-bin-collection