• Question – My parents are thinking of moving into a retirement home and we are looking to find out as much as we can about them, costs to buy or rent, maintenance charges and what else is available on site for social activity, etc. Where should we begin to look for information?
  • Answer – A good place to begin is to visit Lottie.org. This organisation offers a free service that helps families and retirees find the UK’s best elderly care homes and retirement living communities in line with a person’s wishes. Another organisation which can help is the Elderly Accommodation Council, a national charity with a mission to help older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs. www.eac.org.
  • Question – A pensioner friend has mentioned Walking Football but did not know much more than it exists. Can you tell me which age group it is for and how can I find out if there are any clubs near me?
  • Answer – Walking Football began in 2011 and is aimed at adults over 50 years of age. It is played at walking pace with players not allowed to run, either with the ball or without the ball and jogging is also not allowed. Currently there are over 1000 clubs and to locate your nearest one Google ‘WFA Directory’ and put in your location.

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