Anyone and everyone who lives, visits, or works in Dereham are being urged to help paint the town purple in memory of Janet Money. 

The remarkable charity worker, who helped the lives of hundreds of people throughout Norfolk, died in December 2020 aged 73.  As the founder of Dereham Cancer Care, which celebrates its 21st birthday this year, she had the idea after her 14-year-old nephew died from the disease in 1990.  And following on from her own breast cancer diagnosis in October 1998, undergoing treatment became a lightbulb moment. With a few like-minded people, she set up the charity which now boasts 30 volunteers.

On Monday, March 13, the day of Mrs Money’s birthday, the charity is urging the entire town to get involved in a special tribute to her. 

Zoe Flint, who took over the running of the charity, described her friend as “persuasive and driven”. She said she planned on holding the event as an annual occasion after promising to make the charity go from strength to strength. She said: “So far, we have local schools involved and some businesses but what we’d really love is to see the whole of Dereham painted in purple for Janet. If you have a business then you could stick a purple cut-out heart in the window, or if you’re visiting the town or work in the town then why not wear an item of clothing that’s purple? Honestly, the bigger the idea the better, and we would love to see as many people as possible get involved. If the national charities can have a special day, then why can’t we?”

It is hoped that the event will also help to raise awareness of Dereham Cancer Care which supports anyone affected by cancer.

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(Source: EDP)