Digital Switchover – help keep people who are reliant on Assistive Technology connected

Our teams work with some of the most vulnerable people in Norfolk, some of whom rely on Assistive Technology such as telecare services, personal alarms, fall monitors or lifelines. That gives our officers an opportunity to make sure vulnerable residents stay connected as our telephone lines change.

Over the next year and a half, the UK’s telephone network is being upgraded. By the start of 2027 the old analogue copper telephone landline network will be switched to digital, meaning that all phone calls will go through the internet, and everyone will require broadband to make landline phone calls.

This means that people who use technology that is reliant on analogue telephone connections may need to upgrade their devices.

If you meet or visit people who rely on Assistive Technology, this may be an opportunity to make sure they are aware of and ready for the change.

Please share the news and advise those who may be working closely with vulnerable residents that they can find additional information here.

(Source: Norfolk County Council)