My owner came to see me yesterday and suggested I get my brain in gear and produce a Christmas Quiz.  So here we go.  

The first letter of the answers will spell out a festive greeting from me to you!

  1. Another name for the Three Kings
  2. Animal who said goodbye to the circus
  3. Santa’s favourite helper?
  4. Stars of ‘Watership Down’
  5. An evergreen tree with red fruit – all parts of the tree are poisonous
  6. Film about two British athletes in the 1924 Olympic games
  7. Listen to the angelic singers
  8. They go ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’
  9. A plant in a well known carol
  10. Who is coming to town?
  11. A Mexican flat bread
  12. Jesus’ mum
  13. Land locked country in the Eastern Pyrenees
  14. Its chemical symbol is Na
  15. Mountain range in North Africa
  16. Food chain specialising in chicken dishes
  17. Light, delicate and transparent – usually of fabric
  18. Description of Chewbacca
  19. Lover of teddy bears
  20. Another name for Christmas pudding
  21. Small, green vegetable
  22. Colour of the Fab Four’s underwater transport
  23. Fielding, Coward, Edmonds?
  24. Eric’s side kick
  25. Aladdin’s mum
  26. Special piece of wood for Christmas
  27. Famous stage direction from Act 3 of ‘A Winter’s Tale’
  28. Company logo with a bite taken out of it
  29. Girl visiting Grandma’s cottage in the wood

The answers will be posted here on December 15th.