As thoughts turn to summer and, perhaps, visits to far flung places, I thought a little geography test would be in order followed by Pot Luck.

1. In which English county is the Wenlock Edge escarpment?
2. Which country contains the mouth of the river Amazon?
3. Which two countries have land borders with Sweden?​
4. If your geographical location is 0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude, where are you?
5. Which English city lies at the confluence of the rivers Test and Itchin?
6. Kirstenbosch National Botanic Garden lies at the foot of which mountain?
7. In which country is the city of Aachen?
8. In which city are the headquarters of NATO?
9. Which famous mausoleum and World Heritage Site is in Agra, India
10. What are the colours in the flag of the Republic of Ireland?
11. What shape is the head of an Allen key?
12. A quarterback is a position in which sport?
13. In which TV sitcom do you find the character Dave Lister?
14. In which year was the requirement to display tax discs on vehicles in the UK abolished?
15. Who had a hit with Queen on the single Under Pressure?
16. Which motor company manufactures the Kona vehicle?
17. In athletics, are races run clockwise or anti-clockwise?
18. Julian Assange took refuge in which nation’s London embassy from 2012 – 2019?
19. Which Scottish river gives its name to a type of cargo ship known as a “puffer”?
20. Which actor finished second in the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1979?

Answers to be posted here on Friday July 28th.