Fire hydrants

This week, Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service have done some media work with BBC Radio Norfolk around raising awareness of fire hydrants. There are around 23,000 across Norfolk and they are marked by a yellow H and a post. The service are encouraging the public to be aware of where they are and not to park over them or block them as this means they have to go further afield to find a supply in an emergency situation. These hydrants are vital for water supply during incidents.

In some of the more rural locations, where undergrowth can quickly recover the markers, the service have painted some additional markers on pavements and roads to help support our crews in finding them quickly.

Technology within fire engines allows them to identify the area a hydrant is located, but these extra visual signs help the firefighters to get to them swiftly.
Each hydrant is inspected by a member of the Fire and Rescue Service around every 18 months, they are uncovered and the markings are refreshed where necessary.