West Norfolk man given £150 over his flytipped waste

Paying someone who knocks on your door offering to remove waste on the cheap might not turn out to be such a  bargain after all.

For a West Norfolk resident who did just that ended up £150 worse off after the rubbish was dumped by the roadside. The man was issued with a fixed penalty notice after council enforcement officers tracked him down. It is not known what he paid to dispose of the waste, but doing so via West Norfolk council’s bulky waste collection service would have cost £37.70 for up to three items including the fridge.

Sandra Squire, the council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “If you don’t deal with your waste properly our officers will investigate, we will be knocking on your door and interviewing you. This resident faced a penalty of £200 but paid it quickly to reduce the amount. Compared to taking it to the tip for free or having it collected as a bulky item he has paid quite dearly.”

(Source: EDP)