Food Vans

Breckland Council have started to require food vans to have a Street Consent (“licence”) to sell food on streets and public land, which affects us in Scarning. The Consent costs £408 and is only applicable to Breckland, which makes it unaffordable for some of the vans visiting us from outside Breckland.

However, selling food for pre-orders only doesn’t require the Consent. Selling food on private land doesn’t require the Consent either. The garage is private land, by very kind permission of Roger Long, so the Consent requirement doesn’t apply there, but it does on the playing field, which is public land. To make it even more complicated, some food vans need to be sited on the playing field if they require electricity or water supplies.

So, some vans will be able to accept walk-ups, and some will only be able to accept pre-orders. Some vans will be on the playing field and some will be at the garage – confused?!!!

If a van is advertised as being pre-orders only, it’s not that they are being awkward, it’s just to comply with Breckland’s rulings!