Food Savvy supporting Food Waste Action Week 18-24 March 2024

Norfolk County Council’s Food Savvy team will be supporting national Food Waste Action Week, to raise awareness of food waste issues and give practical tips to help householders cut down on the amount they throw away.

Food Savvy, is a joint project between Norfolk County Council and the Suffolk Waste Partnership to help householders across Norfolk and Suffolk to make the most of their food, reduce food waste and save money. Norfolk are taking a joint approach with Suffolk to create a bigger impact to tackle food waste and to ensure that residents in both counties are receiving valuable support on this important issue.

More information can be found on their food savvy website here.

Members are welcome to attend the Mardle restaurant at County Hall on Thursday 21 March between 11.30am – 1.30pm where the Food Savvy team will be available with lots of information, top tips and recipe cards to support the reduction of food waste, plus there will be some tasty recipes to try too.

(Source: Norfolk County Council)