Calls for more foster carers during Foster Care Fortnight

Five children in Norfolk come into care every week and Norfolk County Council is calling for more people to come forward to give them a loving home. There are more than 1,200 children in care in Norfolk and, although numbers have stabilised in recent years, the council needs more carers to provide stability and safety for the children it looks after.

The council is using Foster Care Fortnight to urge more people to consider fostering and encourage more businesses to become Fostering Friendly Employers. Fostering Friendly Employers support their staff by giving them flexibility to take their foster child to medical appointments, attend parents’ evenings and sports day, or to work from home if the child is sick.

Norfolk County Council has recently become accredited as a Fostering Friendly Employer and has 30 employees who are also foster carers with Norfolk Fostering Service. Foster carers are self-employed. Many continue working at their usual place of employment at the same time as being a foster carer.

For more details about the Fostering Friendly scheme, please visit here.

(Source: Norfolk County Council)