Dereham is a fantastic town. It has a huge amount to offer and, unlike many places in our county, has almost everything you could need. It has good schools, fantastic leisure facilities, useful shops, wonderful sports clubs, and a strong community all topped off by easy access to Norfolk’s pristine countryside.

It does, however, need investment. This project has identified that Dereham faces several challenges that need to be addressed and these have been made clear through the extensive engagement we have undertaken to produce this document. Challenges range from the look and feel of the town centre to the need for more employment space and higher wage jobs for residents.

This Town Delivery Plan sets out an ambitious plan to build on Dereham’s strengths and address its major challenges. It has been designed to strengthen the town’s position as a service and community hub while also ensuring it meets the future needs of the town’s residents and, crucially, those in surrounding rural communities.

These ambitions will be met by delivering five complementary game changing interventions which will enable transformative economic, social and environmental change. These represent investment priorities for the next decade. These interventions do not represent everything that could be done but have been assessed as the most viable and impactful activities to focus precious resources on.

This plan reflects all the lessons we have learned during our engagement with Thetford’s residents, stakeholders and businesses. The successful delivery of this plan will rely on the strengths of the partnership behind it.

Download the Plan here –  Dereham’s Town Delivery Plan

(Source: Breckland Council)