Join Dementia Research reaches 60,000 volunteers!

More than 60,000 people across the UK have signed up to Join Dementia Research, to be informed of dementia studies they can take part in. Since the service began in 2015, a total of 61,639 people have signed up with 69,515 enrolments into studies during this period.

People with dementia experience a progressive decline in their cognitive and communication skills, making it increasingly difficult for them to express themselves and their identities over time. Sharing stories can help people connect with others. As communication becomes difficult for a person with dementia, paid carers and professionals involved in their care may know little about the person behind the condition.

Life story work has been used in dementia care for many years. It focusses on recording key elements of a person’s life, including photographs, letters and objects to create a story book box or other product. By sharing this with other, the life story provides prompts to support communication and improve understanding.

An NIHR funded study about life story work with people with dementia showed how the approach could improve outcomes by supporting identity expression, fostering understanding and facilitating person-centred care.

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