Hot water bottles to be given away in libraries amid cost of living crisis

Thousands of packages containing hot water bottles and scarves are to be distributed via Norfolk libraries to keep vulnerable people warm amid the cost of living crisis. With fears that rising electricity prices could leave people struggling to heat their homes, bosses at Norfolk County Council have outlined one of the ways they hope to help.

Around 2,000 Keep Warm and Go bags are to be distributed to libraries across Norfolk, containing a hat, blanket, socks and a hot water bottle.

The Conservative-controlled council spent nearly £65,000 last year to provide about 1,000 such bags in libraries. And it plans to double that number between October and March, using a slice of an anticipated £6.7m in government Housing Support Fund cash.

A number of the Keep Warm and Go bags are sent to each of the council’s 47 libraries, with varying quantities depending on the library’s size, location and needs of the communities they are in.

People who feel they need the packages can ask a member of library staff – and no questions are asked about why they need the bags. Other bags are also available in libraries, including toiletry packs containing shampoo, bodywash, a bar of soap, hand gel, a toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.

(Source: EDP)