The NHS has launched a new national campaign to find the ‘missing millions’ who have undiagnosed high blood pressure. The campaign is backed by the British Heart Foundation, Stroke Association, Heart Research UK, Blood Pressure UK, May Measurement Month, British Society for Heart Failure, and more.

High blood pressure, often described as a ‘silent killer’, affects an estimated 32% of adults. As the condition rarely has any symptoms, approximately 3 in 10 of these remain undiagnosed, equating to 4.2 million people in England.

The Government’s campaign is encouraging individuals to get a blood pressure test, which is fairly easy and can be done at participating pharmacies.

High blood pressure can be a sign of underlying health issues but is often treatable through improved diet and regular exercise. As such, NCC’s other health and wellbeing programmes are linked to this health outcome and can help support positive outcomes for wider public health goals.

Visit the NHS website for information about things that can increase your risk of getting high blood pressure, as well as diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle changes.

(Source: Norfolk County Council)