Car Free Day is celebrated across the world and encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day.

We are marking Sunday 19 September as Norfolk Car Free Day. This is in support of our shared aims to reduce air pollution, congestion on our roads, promote sustainable transport and encourage communities to live active and healthy lives.

All Norfolk residents are encouraged to give up their car for the day. Local communities can also apply for temporary road closures to support these aims and get an idea of what their street would feel like with less traffic. One idea for making the most of the closure is to use the time for ‘Street Play’.

Fees for street closures for all play streets events are currently being waived and this also applies to Norfolk Car Free Day.

Should you wish to organise a road closure to mark the occasion, a letter for consulting your neighbours is available and you can apply using the application form and guidance notes on our main Play Streets page.

All events will need to adhere to the latest government advice in respect of COVID 19 and could be cancelled at short notice should the situation change.

All applications for Norfolk Car Free Day closures must be received by Friday 20 August.