Cllr. William Richmond submitted the following Norfolk County Councillor’s Report to the recent Annual Parish Meeting –


  • Slurry seal works/resurfacing to the footway along Dereham Road, between Scarning Primary School and the Podmore Lane junction, were carried out in August 2022. The works cost £20,000 and were implemented by contractors working on behalf of NCC.
  • Additional resurfacing/slurry seal works to the footways along Dereham Road are included in the Non-Principal Structural Maintenance Schemes for 2023/2024. The total programmed sum for the works is £21,087.
  • To support the Scarning Community Speed Watch, several roundel speed road markings have been installed in the 2022/23 financial year. These have been installed on Dereham Road and Draytonhall Lane on entering the 40 and 50 speed limits.
  • The speed limits on Dereham Road will be considered under NCC’s Road Safety Community Fund in the 2023/24 financial year.
  • If changes are to be made to the speed limits under the RSCF then implementation would be in the 2024/25 financial year, in line with other proposals within the Breckland and South Norfolk district areas.

Mobile Library Service

  • The Mobile Library Service calls at Mayfair and School Plain normally every 28 days on Wednesdays on route number CEN 316.
  • The stop at School Plain launched more recently in 2021 and is programmed later in the afternoon to hopefully entice ‘after school’ visitors.
  • The next visits are scheduled for Wednesday 3rd May 2023. 10:25 to 10:40 at Mayfair and 16:35 to 17:05 at School Plain.

Cllr William Richmond