Wednesday evenings at 6pm from the Scarning Estate.

A combination run / walk (approx 1 min jog / 1 min walk for about 45 mins – 1 hour depending on abilities) getting people out in the fresh air for exercise / company / you-time. Over time we aim to increase the run and decrease the walk but again that depends on abilities.

Being part of a group means we encourage each other all the way and you are more likely to stay motivated and help keep others motivated too. And most of all it’s fun! We are just a bunch a people, FAR from elite athletes who just want to get out, have a bit of a laugh and do SOMETHING!

Please note: This isn’t an official licensed club, there’s nothing to pay, and also no insurances or guarantees that you’ll turn into a marathon runner in 6 weeks (sorry about THAT!)

Let me know if you’re interested, via email or FaceBook Messenger

Trix Russell –