The following is from Brent Eastwood from British Columbia, who is trying to find out more about the Wilkerson family. Brent owns this watercolour painting of Scarning Church.

“The painting, dated 1920, was done by a Walter James Baber.  You can find online other works by this artist. My mother (Duncan, BC, Canada) also owns two of his landscape works of unknown locations if anyone would like to solve those mysteries.

The church painting belonged to my great grandmother, Nellie Wilkerson (born in 1888), who came to Canada as a young woman  (1907ish?). She was born in Shipdham to a William James Wilkerson and Julia Wilkerson. We know so little about the Wilkerson side of the family tree and would be delighted if anyone could shed some light on it.”

If you know anything about this family, please contact Brent Eastwood –

(There are more enquiries about lost family members on the Search for a Relative page on this website.)