Sleep Awareness Campaign aims to improve sleep and boost health for young people

Norfolk County Council has launched a new Sleep Awareness Campaign which highlights the importance of good sleep for health and wellbeing in young people. Specifically targeting those aged 14 to 25, it focuses on three themes – mobile phones, exercise, and natural light – providing tips and a range of resources for getting a good night’s sleep.

Evidence shows a link between sleep deprivation and depression and reduced mental wellbeing. Adolescents should achieve between nine to ten hours of sleep every night, but early school starts and later bedtimes often mean young people are getting much less than the recommended level.

Norfolk County Council has worked with partner organisations and young people themselves to produce/coproduced five video shorts. These encourage them to:

  • Schedule ‘night shift’ on their mobile from 8pm – 7am.
  • Avoid using their mobile one hour before bed.
  • Put their phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode when they go to bed.
  • Get at least 20 minutes of daylight every morning.
  • Do regular daily exercise.

Parents and carers are encouraged to support their young people by setting a realistic time to go to bed, avoiding stimulating activities one hour before bed, and making sleeping areas comfortable.

For more information and to access all the available tools and resources to support better sleep, visit:

(Source: Norfolk County Council)