Swanton Morley Art group continues to provide a great opportunity to enjoy painting and to meet others with a shared interest of art. The new year began with some wonderful sessions led by members. One on abstract painting allowed us to be very creative and ‘free’ using various techniques to create some unique art. This was in contrast to the more detailed and intricate nature of botanical painting.

In February, Sonia Dobbs Orr, an artist specialising in pastels, gave a wonderful workshop on pastel painting. She had recently had her work exhibited at the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition in The Malls Gallery, London. Sonia did a demonstration of how to paint a snow scene, giving us tips and tuition along the way. It was a very enjoyable session and we appreciated her help and expertise.

We are working towards our exhibition at Bawdeswell Garden Centre on Saturday 25th May (10am -5pm), Sunday 26th May (10am -4pm) and Monday 27th May (10am – 3pm). We hope you can visit us and enjoy the art displayed.

We are fortunate to have a thriving art group with enthusiastic members. In the past we have asked members to share what inspired them to do art. In this article, Patricia Keegan shares her thoughts as follows.

“An Inspirational Journey into the Arts

I never really thought of myself as an artist. In fact, when I was at school, my friend and I would exchange our artistic efforts during art class, as we thought they were so ridiculously funny. Consequently, every year my school report read, ‘Poor. Could do better.’

However, I have always admired other people’s artistic skills. It wasn’t until in later life, when my children, had fled the nest, that I decided to put my nursing skills into practice and secured a post as a personal live in carer, to a particularly interesting lady. Enid Collett. 

As I was shown around the house, I immediately became aware of the abundance of sketches, paintings and drawings that adorned the walls of her home. I was intrigued as she told me about the creators. The pictures brought a vibrant energy to her home, and I was in complete awe. Most of them were very professional, others were attempts of amateur creators. That encouraged me, as I realised, they held a special place in Enid’s heart which were also worthy of a place on the wall.

Over the weeks I became more and more interested in my surroundings and one day while my inspiration was fuelled, I found myself in Enid’s comfortable library dreamily trying to recreate the pictures. I brought home plants and wildflowers from my walks and began drawing those too. Birds, pot plants anything that was still enough for me to copy. Since those times I have found myself over the years always drawing, scribbling and sketching. I am amazed that some of them actually resemble the things I am copying. 

Learning to draw has been one of my greatest achievements, it brings a peace into my world that I truly appreciate. I laugh now when I think of my early attempts at school, and realise that with encouragement, and inspiration, anyone can create art.”

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