Scarning Parish Council are currently looking for a new speedwatch coordinator.

The role of coordinator for the speedwatch group consists of

  • Storing/holding the equipment, which consists of 2 signs, the radar speed device and a clipboard.
  • You will be required to coordinate the speedwatch sessions – minimum of 3 people per session.
  • Submit the returns to Norfolk Constabulary on a standard template. The contact there is Julie Bathgate. Other than the spreadsheet all new applications are sent to Julie and she will inform the coordinator of approval for new applicants.
  • In addition to this there are 2 signs to be put out for every session, although the new co-ordinator could ask the volunteers at the session to do this.
  • When new volunteers come forward, supply them with the 2 forms Norfolk Constabulary require and forward the training video that must be watched by all new volunteers.

In December each year forward the annual training video to all volunteers and ask for confirmation that they have completed the training and submit an annual return of all fully trained volunteers to Norfolk Constabulary.

There are currently nine volunteers and the previous co ordinator can provide full training to the new coordinator.

Please contact the Parish Clerk – 07938 001056 –  ScarningClerk@BTInternet.Com

(Source: Scarning Parish Council)