Public Health at Norfolk County Council is urging smokers to take the opportunity to quit this October during the annual Stoptober campaign. The key objective is to encourage smoking adults living in Norfolk to quit smoking for good using the tools and support available via Smokefree Norfolk.

The Norfolk campaign will signpost people to our Ready to Change website where they can find out more about their smoking behaviours and get help from our partner Smokefree Norfolk.

Norfolk County Council is supporting the national campaign which focuses on the benefits of quitting. A key campaign message is that when you stop smoking – good things happen.

Now in its 12th year, Stoptober has successfully helped 2.5 million smokers make quit attempts.

Support from Smokefree Norfolk includes one-to-one support, stop smoking aids, nicotine replacement options and structured 12-week support options. Since last year’s Stoptober campaign Smokefree Norfolk received over 9,300 referrals. Over 2,000 people set a quit date with around 60% stopping smoking successfully.

The Norfolk campaign will be promoted through press and social media plus targeted marketing through digital channels. We will be using national resources provided for the Stoptober campaign as well as some Ready to Change assets.

Actions that members can take to support the Norfolk campaign are to:

  • Visit our ready to change site to familiarise yourself with our stop smoking support services at
  • Signpost people you think might be interested to the Ready to Change website
  • Share any social media posts from Norfolk County Council Facebook and Twitter

Members can also highlight the national Better Health Stoptober NHS website that has free support tools, including the NHS Quit Smoking Stoptober app, daily email and SMS support, Facebook Messenger support, Facebook support group and the Personal Quit Plan, to help people find the combination of support to stay quit. Link to their site here.

(Source: NCC)