Various updates and additions have been made to the village website over the past few weeks. In no particular order, these include –

  • The Home page has been improved for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. 55% of visitors to the website use their phones, in case you’re interested. A surprisingly low 6% use a tablet, with the rest (39%) using a computer.
  • The Bin Days have been updated on the Village Events calendar
  • A direct link to the national weather forecast has been added to the Home page, along with the existing local forecast
  • The Social Media page has been updated. The live feeds have been removed as it’s almost a full-time job reconnecting the links, so I’ve given up – sorry!
  • The Contacts & Useful Information page has been updated and new additions made
  • The Useful Links page has also had additions and updates
  • Bus details have been updated and a  Norfolk route map added to the Contacts & Useful Information page.  A BusAtlas link has also been added if you’re travelling further afield.
  • Information about fire hydrants has been added. Information about the defibrillators has been updated. Both items are on the Contacts & Useful Information page.
  • Cycle Route 13 map has been added to the Walks & Cycleways page
  • A page for the EDP articles about the proposed Scarning Haven page has been added
  • The Allotments page has been updated

As always, please let me know of any changes or additions you think should be made to your village website.


Chris Farnham