Our short (under 4 miles) walks programme will continue on 1 December, when the walk will start from the bottom of Church Street, near St Nicholas’ Church; this walk will join our longer walk for that day, ending at the Partea Hut for refreshments; return to the town is a further mile walk, or catch the bus.

These walks will continue on the first Friday of each month through 2024 and will start at 10:15 unless otherwise advised: the starting point may vary (though will always be near Dereham town centre), so please check on arrangements.  Other than that, you don’t need to book – just turn up at the right time in the right place.  Please note that short walks do not have programmed refreshment stops, but there are usually a number of short halts for people to collect and catch breath, so if you want to bring something to eat and/or drink, there will be opportunity to consume it.  The walk will be led at a reasonable pace – we do not rush, but we do need to make progress for the group as a whole; if you have any questions about our speed, please raise them with us.  You should come with decent footwear (especially when it’s been wet) and suitable clothing.

We are also continuing with our ‘Easy Tuesday’ walks, with the next on 12 December.  As with all of these walks, it will be no more than two miles, on good and even surfaces and expected to take about an hour.  The pace will be steady with regular pauses to catch breath and afterwards there will be an opportunity to have some refreshments (bring your purse).  These walks will continue on the second Tuesday of each month, meeting outside Dads and Lads (Cherry Tree car park) at 10:00.  If you think this might be for you and want more details, please contact Sue at sue.rothwell@outlook.com.  Please note that if you need personal support in order to take part, you will need to arrange this yourself; we regret that we are unable to provide it for you.

Our programme of longer walks doesn’t follow a fixed pattern, though there will be a longer walk on 1 December, starting at 10:15 from the bottom of Church Street, near St Nicholas’ Church; this walk will be about 7 miles in all, setting off with the short walkers for that day and with a break half way round at the Partea Hut.

We’re still finalising details for the rest of 2024 but there will be our now traditional 1 January walk and the plan for the rest of the year is to include some circular walks from Dereham, some using the train or the bus to get out of town and walking back and at least one totally away from Dereham.

We look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks.  Please note that all walks will go ahead unless the weather is really bad (we’ve cancelled just one walk in the last 6 years), but do check if you’re in any doubt or want more information.

To be sure of having up to date information, please ask to join our free mailing list.

Ken Hawkins  – ken-hawkins@tiscali.co.uk 07561 813243

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