Saturday Walk – February 17th.

32 walkers and 2 dogs went on our Saturday walk. Thank you to the driver for waiting for everyone to get on the bus!

At Swanton Morley as planned, we were joined by one more walker, we set off along the Wensum Way towards Gressenhall, initially along Harker’s Lane and past a field of alpacas (or were they llamas?).

This track provided us a good off road start to our 5½ mile walk and was happily not very muddy, in spite of all the recent rain. At its end we joined the road to and past Hoe Hall.
The Wensum Way crosses the Mid-Norfolk Railway here, but the bridge that carried it was declared unsafe and demolished a while ago and has yet to be replaced.

We therefore used the official diversion to cross the railway on the road, then descend a short but steep bank (thanks to the MNR for a handrail here) to walk the field edge paralleling the railway.

Then it was across the fields to Mill Lane. Here, the Wensum Way turned north to Gressenhall, while we headed south on the Wensum Way Extension (also the fairly new Jubilee Trail) towards Quebec Wood and Dereham.
Meeting the road at Gingerbread Cottage, we turned towards Dillington, then up (then down) Sandy Lane to get back into town.

A huge thank you to all who came along. It was a lovely walk.

Sarah Estes –
Dereham Walkers Are