Books by Scarning Residents

Scarning – Portrait of a Village

The above link will download the entire PDF of this book.
It is a large file, so may take a while to download.

Nick Hartley has published three books about Scarning –

Scarning – A Portrait of a Village
Arcadia – A History of Scarning Free School
A Village’s Sacrifice – Scarning 1914-1918

Excerpts from these well-researched books are included on this website. Unfortunately, The Portrait of a Village and Arcadia books are currently out of print, but are available through the library service. However, a A PDF version of Portrait of a Village can be downloaded from this website.
However, please contact Nick for details of A Village’s Sacrifice, which is still available to buy for £5 and all proceeds go to the Commonwealth War Craves Commission.

Contact – ScarningClerk@BTInternet.Com or 01362 687492

Cadiston – A New Beginning is a crime novel by Colin Oakes, a resident of Scarning.

“Ashton Cadiston is a young, enthusiastic, and very determined trainee detective, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, his great-grandfather, and his great-great-grandfather. As he nears the completion of his training, he embarks on his very first investigation into the death of a noble family member under the watchful eye of his training sergeant.
What was meant to be a simple case, quickly becomes a complex twist of lies, jealousy, greed, and murder in a century’s desire for revenge.
It is up to the inexperienced Cadiston to persevere. He can leave no stone unturned; he cannot allow himself to be silenced and must trust his instincts in his search for the truth to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.”

The book is available from Amazon in various formats.

Brittany Reeve was born in Scarning and went to Dereham Church First, Dereham Church Middle and then Neatherd High School. She got  a first class honours degree at Lincoln and works as a Primary school teacher in a Norwich school.

The Muffin Mystery is her first book for children.

At the bottom of a very steep hill stood an amazing bakery!
However, something very strange keeps happening…
Can YOU help solve this sweet mystery?

With rhyming text and thumb print illustration,
this book is sure to capture your imagination.

Suitable for children less than 5 years old.
Reading age: 5-7 years.

The book is available from Amazon for £6.99.

Instagram – @BrittanyReeveAuthor

FG Milk & BJK Dye have written a very comprehensive book about the Wright family’s agricultural business and is now on its second edition. They are currently writing a companion book about the Wright car and truck businesses.

JJ Wright & Sons Ltd – Stories from the Agricultural Dept.

Priced £15, it is available from many sources including online, or directly from Brian Dye himself –

Contact – BHE@BTConnect.Com or 01362 687694

Frank Foreman has published six books of poems –

The Seasons in Scarning

Will There be Chocolate in Heaven?
My World of Rhyme
That’s All Folks

A few of these excellent poems are included in the Scarning Beacon newsletters, but the books are also for sale. They are £5 each and all sales proceeds are for the benefit of Scarning Church and Parkinsons UK and has raised over £10,000 for both causes to date.

Contact – FForeman4@Sky.Com or 01362 687082