“New Scarning”

If you live in this area of Scarning, would you like to write a few words for this website?

Nomenclature – (noun)
– a set or system of names or terms, as those used in a particular science or art, by an individual or community, etc.

What should we call this area of Scarning?

“The Estate”? – Some would say that there are actually two estates.
“Draytonhall Lane Estate”? – Many of the houses are nowhere near Draytonhall Lane.
“New Scarning”? – Many of the houses were built over 30 years ago, and there are newer areas within Scarning now.
“East Scarning”? – Mmm, a possibility…

I need to call this area something on this website, so until someone says otherwise, I’ll refer to New Scarning. According to an 1859 map, there used to be an area called “New Scarning Common”, though that appears to be where Scarning Fen is today. I’d be delighted to hear your views though – any preferences or other suggestions?