There are various social media networks that residents of Scarning use –

Instagram – Scarning_Community

Facebook – Scarning Community

Nextdoor – Nextdoor Scarning

As well as this website and the Scarning Beacon newsletter, these are excellent ways of keeping in touch with your neighbours and discovering more about our lovely village. The newsletter is quarterly, but these social media networks and the Scarning.Info website will always have up-to-date information.

If you’re not already using them, please join these social media networks and say hello!

There are also links to these networks above the main menu bar.

See below for snippets of live content from both the Instagram and Facebook social media feeds. (The feeds are both “live” but are often delayed – don’t ask me why! You can also only see the original post, without any replies, so for the latest information you’ll be best to visit the pages themselves.)