Old Parish Magazines

The year 1902 was a very eventful one in Scarning it was the year that the village hall was completed and as in the January of that year, Dr Augustus Jessopp wrote –

lt is a matter of great satisfaction that Scarning can at last boast of having a Magazine of its own… The magazines will place on record many interesting events which those who come after us will be glad to be reminded of…
No time could have been fitter for beginning such a chronicle than at the beginning of the year l902 – a year in which it is confidently hoped that we shall see our new Village Hall completed and in use.

Here is an extract reproduced in the Arcadian club newsletter in October 2003

For a while, His honour Judge William Willis lived at Scarning Grange on Dereham Road before retiring to London.

The magazine was apparently produced regularly until 1905 and then there was a long gap until 1984 when a magazine covering several Parishes including Scarning was issued which continued until 1995. The more recently produced news sheets and newsletters have been archived on this page. The early editions from 2008 were single sheets produced quarterly until 2012 when the format and size changed and the title was changed to Scarning News. They continued to be produced until early 2018.

Copies can be viewed by clicking on the links below to download the text of the Parish Newsletters in PDF format.

(To find more recent newsletters, please go to The Scarning Beacon)