Village Voice – Scarning Dec 1982

Recorded on to reel-to-reel tape by Eric Wright, and included here by kind permission of his grandson, Ben Hewson, is BBC Radio Norfolk’s Village Voice programme hosted by Wally Webb.
It was recorded on Wednesday 8th December 1982, and broadcast on Sunday 12th December.

The full 50 minute recording is below, or alternatively jump to the individual sections listed.

Village Voice – Scarning (complete)



Leslie & Pam Allwood, Garden Cottage, explains how they came to the county and to the village in 1947; his role in helping to run the village hall; his work as clerk to the school governors; wife Pam describes her own activities including with the local Women’s Institute.

Leslie Allwood


Kay Cowan
, headmistress of Scarning Voluntary Controlled First School, talks about pre-school playgroup on same site; facilities; the trust which finances many of these.


Kenny Hawes
, caretaker of church of St Peter and St Paul, Scarning, describes history of church; its features; his own work.


Dick Dack
, life-long resident of village, gives personal reminiscences including childhood; working life; talks about his name, originally Alfred but called Dick at school.

Dick Dack seeing to the corn after harvest at Borrowdale


Joyce Farnham
, wife of Eric, a farmer, explains how they came to Norfolk from Essex; talks about working life; leisure activities, e.g. Women’s Institute, tennis club, country dancing, embroidery.

Joyce Farnham


Reg Barrett
of Scarning United Reformed Chapel, describes its origins (founded in 1883) and current activities.


Eric Wright
, retired farmer, treasurer of [Scarning] Playing Field Committee, talks about facilities; his own interests, particularly trees; origins of village name.

Eric Wright


Herbert Buckingham
, small farmer on Railway Farm, talks about work and leisure interests (old time dancing); sings ‘farming’ song.

Herbert Buckingham 1989